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    Archie's Amateur Radio and Computer Hobby Site 

Welcome to the Website of KD6OLH

(Kilowatt Delta Six Oscar Lima Hotel)

 commonly called Kilo Delta 6 Old Lucky Ham

My name is Archie and I am active in the Southern California area. I have several amateur radios and several computers to help my hobby along. I am a member of the Los Angeles Amateur Radio Club, W6PCH, the Aerospace Amateur Radio Club, W6AGO, and the Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association.Some members of the LAARC are also members of the "OMIK"  organization. I frequently serve as the Net Control Station for the LAARC's 2 mtr simplex Saturday nite net with a PL of 186.2. I also volunteer as a communications operator for Martin Luther King Jr. Parade and  the Marathon in Los Angeles Ca. I am a member of Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service (DCS). I am 'sometimes' active on EchoLink.

If you have comments about the website or radio or computers, you may sign my 'guest book' and leave comments there as well as becoming a member and leaving comments on the members page. Since the methodology for changeing and updateing this web site has changed, I'll could use all the HELP I can get to maintain the site.  All comments are welcome.. You must become a member to participate in the 'Blog' . You can email me at [email protected]  I am thanking you in advance for your help in making this a good site for all to visit....Archie (KD6OLH).



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The LAARC runs a 440 repeater on the 'test' frequency  of 446.880 with a PL of 127.3 that is open to all.

There is a local 2 mtr FM simplex 'chat' frequency that some club members and other hams use most of the time at 144.450 S.

The LAARC's 2 mtr FM simplex Saturday nite net freq is 144.430 S with a PL of 186.2. The net seems to work well with out the PL. The club has been meeting on this freq since 1975 when it was established. There is also a "Remote Base Station" used to help reach the net on 439.975 FM PL of 136.5 as transmit frequency on 440, then listen(recieve) on 144.430 FM S. in the general Los Angeles area. 

 There is an audio stream at   Radio Reference for our 2 mtr Sat nite net


The Western Amateur Radio Friedship Association "WARFA" meets on Sun, Tue, and Thur at 8:00 PST on the freq of 3908.00 LSB, and other freqs also


The Aerospace Amateur Radio Club "W6AGO" has daily Emergency Preparedness check-ins on Mon thru Fri at 0800 local.

The  HiFivers Amateur Radio Friendship Net "Hifivers" meets on Sun, Tue, and Thur at 7:00 PST on the freq of 3908.00 LSB


The OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc has three (3) nets on Sunday. 

NET 1 is on 3920 Mhz LSB 1200 - 1300 UTC

NET 2 is on 7265 Mhz LSB 1230 - 1430 UTC

NET 3 is on 14.295 Mhz USB 1400 - 1600 UTC

The HIFIVER's   has nets (3) time a week

on 3908 Mhz LSB on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM pacific

WARFA (Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association) has nets (3) time a week

on 3908 Mhz LSB on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM pacific

Cliff (KJ6CDA) has a net on Tuesday nite at 7:30 PM pacific time on 3830 Mhz LSB

Weak Signal Society (SWOT) Freqs and times

Sun 7:00 PM 432.100 USB K6NC CM98

Sun 7:30 PM 144.240 USB N6EQ DM14

Sun 8:00 144.250 USB W6DWI CM98  

Sun   8:30 50.150 USB AA6DD DM14

 Mon   7:30 PM    222.100 usb

  Tue    7:00 PM    144.230 USB W6IPT DM13 

Wed   7:30 PM    144.240 USB various DM13

Wed 8:30 144.210 USB N6KTH DM04

Thu     7:00 PM    432.120 W01S DM13

  Fri      8:00 PM    1296.100 USB K6TSK DM03

Mario's 220 repeater

WS6C----All hams are welcome to use Mario's 220 repeater anytime. Freq is 224.460-Pl-131.8.It is a open local repeater in Inglewood Ca.


See "LINKS Page" for URLs to each site


 Archies Radio


 http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/FT-857/?v=1&t=sear ch&ch=web&pub=groups&sec=group&slk=39



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Archie's Amateur Radio and Computer Hobby Site

Welcome to the Website of KD6OLH

(Kilowatt Delta Six Oscar Lima Hotel)

commonly called Kilo Delta 6 Old Lucky Ham



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